Introducing  The Choi Team

Team1Ellen (Coach):

  • God designed her to be mom to BOYS!
  • Held a record for the fastest girl in her elementary school.
  • Loves to Dance.


Team2Andy (Coach):

  • He can have a conversation with anyone or anything.
  • He was the Taekwondo Junior Olympic champion in California.
  • He loves sappy Korean music.



Team3A.J. Ban-Suk; 15 years old: MVP (Most Valuable Player)

  • He puts the family in check.
  • He loves his ipad.
  • Can’t beat his moves in Wii Dance.



Team4Caleb Matthew; 13 years old: MRP (Most Reliable Player)

  • You can count on him to be on time.
  • He reads a book with every meal.
  • He is a black belt in Taekwondo and paid for his own black belt test.



Team5Ivan Joseph; 8 years old: MKP (Most Kind-hearted Player)

  • He’ll be the first one to offer his help if you need it.
  • He sleeps with a blindfold every night.
  • He made a goal in every game during the last soccer season.

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