Our Purpose

Ban-Suk Foundation (BSF) was born with the intent of forming a community where children with special needs and their families can come together to create new bonds and to share resources to help those in need.  BSF is not only interested in forming a local community but also in reaching out to other countries where children with special needs may not be receiving adequate care.

We will aim to create a supportive local community that will serve as a platform for sharing of stories, resources and comfort through holding of various events.  BSF will also extend its resources to those in needs in other countries by providing assistance to various orphanages and special needs establishments.  BSF also has a special love for those who has the heart to adopt children with special needs.  We will provide financial assistance to those who need it in their adoption process.

Through BSF, we hope to bless others with special needs because He has first blessed us.  We hope that our stories of once fear and confusion turning into acceptance, comfort and miracles will encourage those currently in need. We pray that by sharing our resources and gifts, we can help those who cannot enjoy the provisions of our great country. We believe we can make a difference to those who feel alone or left out.

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