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It all started with a trip to Korea 10 plus years ago.  What started as an innocent mission trip with friends from old church of mine, ended up being one of the most difficult  experiences in my life.  What I saw were institutions after institutions filled with children and adults with special needs getting poor care.   They were shut out from their societies almost to a point of being locked up with no hope of things getting any better.  My heart broke into million pieces.  I could not stop crying for the children.  I will never forget the unfamiliar and confused feeling I felt when I was there.  I was sad and devastated that they were treated so badly but at the same time thankful for the life my son had back in America.  There I asked God “Why them and not my son?”  Why are we so blessed to live in America where my son is accepted and treated with respect?

77499_336102309866127_1012976450_oLast year, almost as if it were a sequel to a movie, my whole family had the privilege of visiting more orphanages.  Only this time,  I did not see institutions but rather homes, filled with people who struggled daily to make ends meet for children who were abandoned only for the fact that they were different than others. We saw pastors, staff members and number of volunteers dedicating their lives with the little they had to provide children with special needs the best care they can offer.

One particular orphanage we visited were Jusarang Community Church or better known as Babybox.  Here, the founding pastor who has a child with special needs of his own, took on over 15 children as his, many of whom with severe disabilities.  What really touched our hearts was his love, compassion and more importantly his belief that his children can and should have a place in the society.  With proper care, therapy and training, he believed that they can all live a life worthy of respect and love.

This trip gave us tremendous hope and comfort in knowing that there are good people who sincerely care for the misfits among the misfits in Korea.  It was a healing experience for me for the trip that occurred 10 plus years ago.  It also opened our eyes to the great opportunities to help and make an impact to those in need in Korea.  We realized that there are homes we can help to meet their financial struggles and also institutions we can impact with love and heartfelt extension of our helping hands.

1496127_336103203199371_688496901_oBSF took a small step forward last year by supporting Jusarang Community Church with financial support and care packages.  We plan on visiting more orphanages of all types later this year to identify and partner with ones that fit with our hearts and mission.  We honestly don’t know how it’s all going to play out.  We have lofty dreams of providing care that AJ has here in the US to all in Korea and beyond.  But we take one step at a time, day by day with hopes of making one child feel less lonely and another getting one more caring hand.  One thing we are certain of is how blessed we are to have AJ and the care he enjoys here in our country.  With every step we take, our mission is to provide similar care and opportunities to all with special needs in Korea and other countries.

If our stories resonated with you, we invite you to join us in this cause.  You can do that with your time, prayers and financial assistance.  100% of all donations to this cause will go straight to the children.  We will continue to expand our reach and support to the children in Korea.  You will be able to track us and see our expansion through this website.  Please contact us if you have any questions on this cause or on how you can join us.

For more pictures from our trip to Baby Box, please CLICK HERE

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