Sibling Scholarship

IMG_4030So often, unsung heroes go unrecognized.   The needs of caretakers and siblings too often take a back seat if not ignored altogether. BSF recognizes that those caring for our special friends also need care and respite. It is with this heart, BSF is pleased to introduce our first Sibling Scholarship Program. This scholarship is designed to provide families the means to care for the siblings of our special friends in ways they could not have otherwise.


On June 23rd, BSF awarded its first scholarship to Evan Schnee.  Through this scholarship, Evan will now be able to attend pre-school next year that he was otherwise unable to due to challenging circumstances brought upon by his older brother’s special needs.  Here’s an excerpt from his mom’s testimony…

Sib_schol_Evan Schnee“Today, Evan was awarded a Sibling Scholarship from the Ban-Suk Foundation to continue his preschool education for the next academic year. We are feeling so blessed to receive this huge gift, as we would otherwise not be able to send Evan to school with all the big changes and challenges in the near future. The fact that the foundation not only helps children with special needs, but also recognize the siblings who are often shuffled to the side, is a testament to their commitment to helping children and the community. We are honored to have received the Foundation’s very first Sibling Scholarship, and I am certain Evan will make them proud. We extend our deepest thanks and gratitude for the generosity of the foundation’s board members”.   Samantha












TEDx talk below gave us the inspiration for this program.  We hope you enjoy it.

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