Korean Orphanage Vision Trip 2014

babybox1The schedule is set! From August 25th to 28th, BSF will be visiting four orphanages in Korea that serve primarily children with special needs.

We will be visiting our old friends at Jusarang Church also known as Baby Box along with three new orphanages.  We visited Baby Box last summer and instantly developed a special bond.  We have been developing a special relationship since the visit and are looking forward to what is in store for both of us next during the upcoming visit.  You can see pictures from our last year’s visit HERE.

The three new orphanages came to us with the help from our new Korean Outreach Coordinator, Erica Kim.  Through a random chance meeting, Erica Kim came to be part of BSF and now handles all affairs related to orphanage outreach in Korea.  You can read her blog HERE.  Erica was able to research and contact number of orphanages throughout the country with the goal of finding facilities that match most closely with the heart of BSF.  Among them, we had to choose only a handful due to our short schedule in Korea.  It was a difficult decision but we were sure that we will be back to continue the journey with other facilities

We are extremely excited about our visits.  In many ways, this opens up another important chapter for BSF.  The three new orphanages are among the very few in Korea that primarily serves children with special needs.  One facility has over 100 children with downs syndrome alone.  These visits will allow us to understand the state of orphans with special needs in Korea more intimately and to assess BSF’s outreach opportunities.  More importantly, we look forward to developing a meaningful, long-term and loving relationships with the orphans and their caretakers.   We sincerely seek your support and prayers.

Please stay tuned.  We look forward to reporting on our trip when we are back along with many pictures!!

Name Address

The Baby Box

서울시 관악구 난곡동(구 신림13동) 646-151

Nan-gok-dong, Seoul



House of Angels in Yeoju

여주군 점동면 가남로 1007-69

Yeoju, Gyung-gi-do



Di-Dim Place

서울 강북구 수유1동 472-101

Su-Yoo-Dong, Seoul



Dong-Shim Won

인천 연수구 동춘1동 325-4

Dong-Choon 1-dong, Incheon


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