IMG_0257This cute and sweet baby girl is Hae-bin. She was born with a heart defect and other physical disabilities. Her selfish dad ran away because he didn’t want to raise a child with special needs and her grandmother abused her mom for bringing a child with special needs into the family. But her courageous mom never gave up on Hae-bin and is trying her best to raise her with counseling and help from Baby Box. Hae-bin had her first heart surgery when she was only few months old and it was success. She is getting ready to have her second heart surgery on Christmas Eve. Ban-suk Foundation has been sponsoring her and her mom since we came back from Korea in September after we first heard of her story. We’ve also kept in touch with her mom and have started to develop a beautiful relationship. When her mom told me that she’d be alone at the hospital while Hae-bin is in surgery, I knew in my spirit that I had to go and be her support. So with my husband and my three boys blessings, I am nervously taking my first ever out of the country trip ALONE. I know it’s a sacrifice for my boys and my husband to forgo our traditional family Christmas. For that, I am so thankful and proud of them for seeing the bigger picture. I’ll be in Korea from 12.22-12.29 to support Hae-bin’s mom and to make sure that she is also in good care while Hae-bin is in the hospital.

Ban-suk Foundation will sponsor Hae-bin’s surgery. But I want to take this time to ask you, would you partner up with me on this trip by donating to Hae-Bin’s heart surgery as well? Through your donation, you will be also encouraging me and helping me get over my fear of traveling alone. It will mean so much to me.


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  • chung soo jung

    December 22, 20145:20 am

    엘렌 한국가서 하고자 하는 좋은일에 하나님의 보호가운데 아무 일 없이 진행되기를 바라며 돌아오는 그 날 까지 하나님께서 함께하시기를 기도 드릴 것이다. 너의 고운 마음을 하나님께서 알고계시니 아무 염려 없을줄 생각한다.
    아무쪼록 몸 건강하고 무사히 돌아오기를 기도드리겠다.

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