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let's bowl 10The first year of AJ’s life is a blur.  All I remember is shutting the world out and feeling the life that we were so familiar was no more.  It was filled with fear, confusion and unanswered questions.  We had to figure out how we were going to fit into the new and scary world of raising a child with special needs.  It was dark and a lonely place. However, once AJ turned one, we began to see hope and a future for our family, especially for our son.  God allowed us to see less of Downs Syndrome and more of his promise, love and provisions.  We slowly accepted and adjusted to our new life.  It was tough at first but with the help of AJ’s community, we slowly came out of our isolation.

let's bowl 4Isolation is one of the unfortunate consequences of having a child with special needs.  It not only leads to loneliness but also prevents you from a world of resources and community that can completely change the outlook on your life and the life of your child.  Simply put, the notion that no one is going through what you are going through and that no one knows how you feel is a LIE.  It took us a while to realize that but once we did, we were greeted by caring people who met us in our grief and rejoiced with us during our wins.  Just being able to share our stories with people who have gone  through the same and also hearing theirs stories had an unexpectedly profound impact on our emotional well being.  We finally didn’t feel alone.   It also opened our eyes to a world of abundant resources at our fingertips that can help AJ in all aspects of life.  Various government subsidies to help with extra therapies, community social events, Special Olympics and even a respite service for the parents to have a date night are just some of the examples.  We realized that there are thriving, dynamic and happy communities of people who care because they all share the same pain.

let's bowl 5Through BSF, we hope to reach those who may still suffer from isolation.  We want to bring together those who share the same pain so that we can together experience comfort and light.  Last fifteen years taught us many things and we want to share that with everyone.  We hope to accomplish this with well though-out, well planned events designed to bring families together for children to have fun in a safe environment and for parents to take rest, share stories and learn of new resources.  BSF will hold these events regularly throughout the year and will be communicated via the website and other means.

We invite all of you to join our community and to take advantage of the joy it can bring by doing life together, however special it may be.  If this cause resonates with you, we ask that you join us with your time (volunteering for events), prayers and financial assistance.   100% of all donations to this cause will go straight to the cost of holding events and providing community resources to parents.   Please contact us if you have any questions on this cause or on how you can join us.

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